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Social innovation consulting for brands and companies that want to promote gender equity and social impact for women.

Our mission is to sensitize society about gender issues and to educate and empower people willing to be agents of social transformation.

A well executed strategic planning is the key to leverage inclusion in your organization

Learn about our unique, gamified methodology, tested and approved by Think Eva clients.

Creativity and cultural transformation at the service of a better world for women.

Founded in 2015, Think Eva has been pioneering social transformations within the corporate world.

We are a social innovation consultancy that produces knowledge from women’s intelligence to create impactful strategies in brand communication and organizational culture.

We develop our own methodologies, connected to the needs of our time, to solve complex problems.

We work on customized communication and culture projects, putting creativity at the service of building a more just world.

Our performance

Our communication area works closely with agencies, companies, and marketing areas in the development of brand and campaign strategies, research and consulting for the production of content and entertainment products, as well as concepts, narratives, curatorship, and speaker training for events.

Our Culture area works closely with the people management and human resources teams, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, corporate responsibility and other strategic areas for organizational culture. We work on the development of methodologies and team instrumentalization for the promotion of inclusion within the corporate culture.

Studies and intelligence
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Quer receber novidades, análises e indicação de conteúdos inspiradores sobre equidade de gênero nas empresas sem depender do algoritmo das redes sociais?